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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Been busy preparing presentation "Scala for practitioners"

Last month it was pretty silent on this blog and I got to say sorry for that. It was quite busy month for me and I couldn't even find the time to tweet not mentioning blogging. The most important thing that came out to live during this time was a presentation - on probably the best language in the world - titled: "Scala for practitioners". I gave it for the first time yesterday in Power Media S.A. (which is the company I'm currently cooperating with as a freelancer :)) and you can find the project I used during the presention here on github. The primary goal was to show Scala as language having real business value here and now, being really close to get significant impact in software projects. From all the feedback that I've gathered I guess I can safely state - it was a success! :D Next I'm planning on giving this presentation on Wroclaw JUG. It actually needs some minor corrections (what again will probably cause absence of new posts on this blog .. ;P) but I really hope it will trigger more enthusiasm for Scala in Java community. I'm also thinking on doing some screencasts on Scala but the exact idea is not fully matured yet, so all tips are welcome!

For all of you not to feel like you've lost another 2 minutes of your life reading this post:
Mindblowing example of how cool is regexp matching in Scala (if you think you've seen it try checking it out anyways - it's not the same old regexp matching example :P).

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