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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wroclaw Area Situated Scala Enthusiasts group established !!

I am happy to announce that Przemysław Pokrywka and Piotr Adamski established WrASSE (Wroclaw Area Situated Scala Enthusiasts) here in Wroclaw!! It's really amazing to meet people that care about Scala and hope for this great language to become the next Java :D
If you're curious how this image is connected to this post visit WrASSE discussion group

There are regular meetings planned in the (hopefully near) future, but a group is veeery young and all your great ideas for WraSSE are welcome!

If you are Scala fun (slash zealot .. whatever ;)) and do care about your professional future (which would be Scala mostly ;P) I encourage you to join this group and actively participate!

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